Asbestos abatement

Elimination of materials containing deadly asbestos fibers – is a precise project governed by regulations and industry standards. We are experts who will handle all phases of your project, from initial air sampling through removal to final air quality assurance tests prior to reoccupation of a space.

Asbestos fibers are released into the air whenever materials containing asbestos are disturbed. This can be during demolition, remodeling, repair or home maintenance. Those airborne fibers can cause cancer when inhaled, because they pierce the lining of the lungs and respiratory tract. Asbestos can be found in building materials such as ductwork, pipe insulation, home insulation and ceilings and drywall.

Asbestos testing

Call us for asbestos testing before and after asbestos abatement projects or when remodeling or demolition will disturb known asbestos. It is essential to determine the concentration of asbestos fibers in the air. Call for our professional analysis if you are concerned that there may be deteriorating asbestos in your home or in the workplace. Call if you simply don’t know whether building materials in your home or business contain asbestos. The health advice is very clear: asbestos causes cancer. It must be monitored during any kind of building or abatement project.

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