Call for our professional mold testing service when:

  • You suspect you have mold and you need to know the extent and source of it
  • You want to make certain you do not have mold or the environment for it to grow


Our professional service can give you peace of mind or a place to start. Because we are mold remediation specialists, we know where to look for trouble, and we know what to do when we find it. There are typical problem areas. But mold is also a “hidden danger” that can make people sick long before it is in plain sight. From visual inspection, to moisture readings, to air and surface sampling, trust our technicians to identify the presence of mold spores and the source of the moisture that feeds them.

Mold is toxic. How do you know you might want mold testing? There may be symptoms. Mold spores irritate eyes, noses and throats. They cause skin rashes. And in people with respiratory illness, children or the elderly, lung problems can develop. You may have suffered a water emergency. If the sprinklers at a school went off, or a pipe burst in an office building, or a basement was flooded, you need to make certain undiscovered residual moisture is not fueling mold. The key to mold control is moisture control. If mold testing uncovers a problem, it must be cleaned up promptly and the water problem fixed.

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